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To the Moon and Back Pet Transport

We are animal lovers with years of experience caring for pets young and old.

When you book with us we will make sure your pet arrives Safe, Happy and Clean.

We are a family owned business and we will pick up and drive your pet to you in a timely but safe manner.

We are USDA Licensed

We may take longer and cost a little more than most shippers but the safety, and well being of your beloved pet is our first priority. 

 Ground Transport- $0.75 per mile traveled  

 (15hrs. or less from 47331)  

 call/text 765-377-0137 for quote on 16 hours and above from 47331

 Flight Nanny Service- $750 and up  

  (cost of flight determines)  


Price is $525.00 per Pet for 15hours of driving time.

Over 15 hours will depend on the destination.

2nd pet to same owner will be discounted.

We keep hard copy and digital records of driving time.

We usually drive no more than 9 hours in one day,

When we have to stop for any reason we always work as a team 1 driver and 1 comfort attendant/navigator. 

All of our passengers go into the hotel and are never left unattended.

We always stay in Red Roof Inn (Pet Friendly) Hotels.


 To book a spot on our next trip please complete this form.                                      Click Here

Some of our Happy Customers

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