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I am making this post because I have a customer who is upset that I use guardian homes for some of my breeding dogs.
If you buy a puppy from us there is a chance that your puppy was born in a guardian home that is part of MoonShine Babies, This helps us a lot when we have multiple litters and/or in my case I have health issues that put me in the hospital.
Please if you have a problem with us using guardian homes instead of making our moms and pups stay caged all the time please seek another breeder.
Our dogs and Pups are very important to us.

Current and Upcoming Litters





Harley will be bred to Tazzy


Aurora will be bred to ?


Tesla will be bred to Tazzy


Mercy will be bred to Mello


Maggie will be bred to Flame


Precious will be bred to Segal or Flame



Celeste will be bred to Amenhotep (Merle)


Minerva will be bred to ? 


Sansa will be bred to Flame mid 2020




 Ground Transport- $425.00  

 (11hrs. or less from 47331)  

 call for quote 

 Flight Nanny Service- $600 and up  

  (cost of flight determines)  

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Updated 5/31/20


Our next litters will be June 2020 and August 2020

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